Brush Replacement Plans

Brush Head and Accessory Replacement Plans


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Product Description

Receive a free replacement brush head, flossing attachment and tongue cleaner automatically every three months. You pay only a $9.99 shipping & handling fee per set when then package ships.* Additional sets included pay a reduced s&h fee. Receive free Lifetime Warranty coverage as long as you have an active plan. Cancel anytime.

First shipment will go out immediately and then roughly every three months. Contact customer service to change products shipped, shipment timing, or to cancel/pause your account.

Brush Replacement Plans

Compact Brush Head

Deluxe Brush Head

Deluxe Brush Head

Traditional Rectangular Brush Head

Traditional Brush Head





*All shipments to Canada / Mexico subject to US$5.00 S&H surcharge per shipment above list price.


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