Lifetime Warranty

The lifetime protection of our Lifetime Toothbrush Program means that Cybersonic could be the last toothbrush you ever have to buy!

Cybersonic is the lifetime toothbrush. Good oral care is a lifetime endeavor and Cybersonic wants to be your partner in taking care of your teeth. As long as you are taking care of your teeth by changing your brush heads regularly, we’ll take care of your toothbrush. In addition to the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty that comes on every system, we’ll cover your toothbrush against defects for life!

Not just for our new customers. Got an older Cybersonic system that is wearing out? Contact us! Many sonic systems are eligible for our Lifetime Toothbrush Program. Contact customer service today to see how you can get back to using the world’s fastest line of electric toothbrushes in the world.

Get a lifetime of complete oral care. With Cybersonic’s brush replacement plans and our available lifetime warranty, you’re not just getting the world’s fastest toothbrush, but a lifetime partner in taking care of your teeth.

Lifetime Toothbrush Program – terms & conditions:
The Lifetime Toothbrush Program protects the power handle and charging stand against manufacturing defects. Replacement parts will be sent at no charge except shipping and handling. To receive a replacement, contact customer service by phone or email for instructions. Shipping and handling must be pre-paid by credit card or check. All replacement parts incur their own shipping and handling charges, even when shipped together. Return of defective parts at customer’s expense may be required at Amden’s discretion.

The Lifetime Toothbrush Program remains in effect only while the customer maintains an active brush replenishment plan that routinely ships replacement brush heads. All replenishment plans require a valid credit card number on file and regular, automatic shipments. Sign up here.

Amden reserves the right to repair or replace items at its discretion. Replacement items may be substituted with comparable parts without notice. Applicable shipping and handling charges as well as all terms & conditions are set solely at the discretion of Amden Corporation and are subject to change without notice.

Limitations on Coverage:
The Lifetime Toothbrush Program does not cover: (A) any use of the product outside personal oral care use, such as commercial use by dentists or polishing of anything other than human teeth. (B) Unauthorized modifications or failure to follow Amden Corporation’s operation or maintenance instructions. (C) Damage or other product failure caused as the result of abuse, theft, loss, fire, Acts of God, negligence, accident, power outages and surges, or failure to maintain the Cybersonic® Oral Care System according to the instructions contained in the Instruction Manual. Coverage is limited to power handle and charging stand. All attachments and accessories are excluded.