Referral Program


Give someone a great deal on Cybersonic and get $10 for yourself.

Your unique code unlocks savings for your friends and cash for you.

Your most recent package from us has a unique ID# that you can use to give your friends a big discount on our toothbrush and get you a cash thank you. You can give the code to anyone you like. If they order using your unique code, they will get 50% off our top of the line Cybersonic3 system and you’ll get a $10 check from us. Once you have your unique ID#, you can give it to friends, post it on Facebook, tweet it, or send it to anyone you think would like a great deal on our system.

Find your unique 8 digit ID number

Locate your unique code on the outside of your mailing envelope as shown in these samples:

Sample Referral NumberSample Referral Number

Locate your ID code on any recent package you’ve received from Cybersonic and pass it on to your friends. They can use your code as a coupon to get 50% off Cybersonic3 and for every eligible order made using your unique code, we’ll send you a check for $10.

There’s no limit to how many people you can give your code to or how much you can earn. Post your ID code anywhere you like: Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. It’s up to your friends if they buy anything – no hard sells, no spam from us.

Request an ID number

If you can’t locate your ID number, contact us on our Contact Page and we’ll create one for you. Please be sure to give us your full name and address and let us know that you are requesting an ID# for our Referral Program.

Program Terms & Conditions

Offer, prices, and policies subject to change without notice. Amden Corp will issue $10 check for each eligible order of Cybersonic3 submitted with a valid referral ID code to the name and address on file for that ID code at the time of order. Amden Corp is not responsible for lost checks, invalid codes, incorrect addresses, or non-received payments. Referral payment eligible only on online purchases of complete Cybersonic3 system at MSRP before discount. Referral code must be supplied at time of original order and cannot be applied retroactively. Referral discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Payment will be issued a minimum of 30 days after receipt of order. Payment will be $10 per eligible order less any declines, returns, chargebacks, or cancellations. Offer valid only in US and its territories, all payments made in US currency.