The Founder

Dr. Ron Murayama is a true pioneer in the field of Dentistry. He’s brought smiles to millions of faces all over the world with his numerous inventions designed to make home oral care easier, faster and better.

He’s a world renowned dentist with over 20 years experience and has been awarded many US patents for his breakthroughs in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Murayama is the founder and chairman of Amden Corporation a company dedicated to creating innovative personal oral care products. He was recently awarded the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award – which recognizes entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hard work and perseverance have developed successful growing companies.

Dr. Ron (as his patients and co-workers like to call him) is married and has 3 young children – he’d like you to know that he puts his products to good use in his own home – His kids actually like brushing now and they get great check-ups too – all thanks to the complete line of Cybersonic products.

Dr. Ron Murayama

The Company

Amden Corporation has been a leader in sonic oral care since 1992. We strive not just to make a great product, but to offer a complete oral care solution that enables and encourages our customers to develop lifelong habits of good oral care. We view ourselves as a health care provider and seek to partner with our clients in promoting their health, happiness, and well being.

We believe it is our responsibility as an organization to be a leader in our field, continually improve our products & services, and help develop the best personnel. We believe that health and self esteem are fundamental elements of happiness and the quality of life. We believe that prevention truly is the best medicine.

Amden Corporation

We resolve to help enhance the health, happiness and well being of humanity. We resolve to perpetually educate ourselves, as well as our customers, so that we may use the power of knowledge to innovate and evolve with an ever changing world. We resolve to apply all our intellectual powers, human skills, and material resources to providing the best health & beauty products on the planet. We assume that people are intelligent, share similar dreams and desires, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to treating our customers, our employees, and our shareholders as we would treat our own family and friends.

The Technology

Harmonic Resonance is the patented technology that drives Cybersonic. But what is harmonic resonance? Think of the brush head as a musical tuning fork. When you strike the tuning fork, it vibrates creating a perfect musical note. When you turn on a Cybersonic power handle, it makes each scientifically designed attachment vibrate at a specific frequency to create the perfect cleaning speed and action.

Every Cybersonic head has been carefully engineered – not just to move quickly – but to brush, floss and clean your tongue using the proper cleaning motion. No other oral care system in the world uses this amazing, simple and powerful technology. It’s what allows the Cybersonic toothbrushes to be the fastest oral care systems ever – moving from 31,000 strokes per minute in the original Cybersonic to a record 45,000 strokes per minute in the Cybersonic3. It also allows all of our attachments to cost so much less than the competition so your Cybersonic Oral Care System can pay for itself over time.

Patented Harmonic Resonance