Account Update


Add “Replacement Plan Update” to your shopping cart, “View Cart” and “Proceed to Checkout” to send us your updated billing information securely. We’ll use what you submit to update your existing shipments.

To make changes to the contents or timing of replacement shipments or for any questions, please give us a call at (800) 770-7525.

Replacement Plan Update



Product Description

Submit updated payment information for your brush and accessory replacement plan. We will update your existing account and continue your shipments on their normal schedule. For security, your current payment method is not displayed. Please confirm your name, address, and new payment information to update your account.

With an active replacement plan, you will automatically receive the fresh brush heads and attachments that will keep your system cleaning at its best. Your Lifetime Warranty protection is only in effect while you have an active replacement plan and is only available with an active plan.

Contact us to make any changes to your account.

All shipments will be billed at the existing price on your account. $.01 update fee is charged only to verify account information and will be applied to your normal replacement plan fees.

All shipments to Canada and Mexico subject to US$5.00 S&H surcharge per shipment above shown price.