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Cybersonic is the world’s fastest toothbrush and only complete sonic oral care system. Designed and engineered in California by a dentist, Cybersonic is built on patented harmonic resonance technology to provide gentle, but powerful cleaning, whitening, and total care.

Buy one of our cutting edge oral care systems or sign up for our Healthy Smile Plan and get world class oral care for just pennies a day.

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Healthy Smile Plan

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Our latest innovation for making top of line oral care accessible to all. Get complete sonic oral care with no systems to buy, nothing to replace, and no commitments.

Complete oral care just $4.99 per month

Cybersonic3 Toothbrush


Sales & Specials

See our currents sales and specials on our best selling Classic and other top-of-the-line designs.

Cybersonic systems starting as low as $39.95 (+ s&h)


Sonic Technology

Cybersonic’s patented resonance technology allows for unparalleled cleaning performance.

  • World’s Fastest Toothbrush – Running at 45,000 cleaning strokes per minute, Cybersonic3 exceeds any other toothbrush ever produced.
  • Dual Brush Head Designs – interchangeable compact and deluxe brush heads allow for customized cleaning.
  • Integrated Sonic Flossing – our sonic flossing system and quick change pre-strung floss tips make flossing quick, easy, and effective.
  • Sonic Tongue Cleaning – our tongue cleaner helps remove the bacteria that are the major source of bad breath and that are links to tooth and gum decay.
  • Sonic Tooth Whitening – our Sonic White Bleaching System uses the vibrations of your toothbrush to release the stain removing power of oxygen for fast, but gentle tooth whitening.

Unmatched Support

  • Free Brush Heads for Life* – The American Dental Association recommends changing the brush head on all sonic brushes every three months. With Cybersonic’s replacement programs you get a full set of fresh attachments (brush, flosser, and tongue cleaner) every three months for free, you just pay a nominal shipping and handling fee for each set. No long term commitments, cancel anytime.
  • Lifetime Warranty* – As long as you have an active automatic brush replacement plan, your system will be covered by our industry first Lifetime Warranty. We’ll replace any oral care power system component for just a nominal shipping and handling fee. Cybersonic could be the last toothbrush you ever buy.


* S&H charges apply to all shipments – Lifetime Warranty requires active Replacement Plan – see Terms & Conditions for details.