Healthy Smile Plan

Complete sonic oral care for just pennies a day!


Cybersonic’s Healthy Smile Plan™ is the latest breakthrough in caring for your oral health. No more expensive toothbrushes to buy, no more broken systems to replace, no more shopping for new brush heads every few months. Instead of buying an expensive toothbrush, sign up for our plan and we’ll make sure you always have a cutting edge, up-to-date, working system to take care of your oral care needs. Nothing to buy, nothing to replace, nothing to worry about.

With the  Healthy Smile Plan™ you will receive:

  • Cybersonic3, the world’s fastest toothbrush and only complete sonic oral care system, a $100 value
  • No cost brush head every 3 months
  • No cost replacement system if yours ever wears out

What will it cost?

  • Low monthly charge of just $4.99
  • One-time program enrollment and shipping fee of $11.99
  • Replacement brush heads – NO CHARGE
  • Lifetime warranty replacement parts – NO CHARGE
  • Cancel anytime, no long-term commitments, no contracts

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Offer not available in Canada